Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY Fabric Organizer

Although I've crafted so many things before, I don’t have step by step instructions for all of them.
My bad.
From now on, I will keep posting instructions with all crafts; also I would like to share some interesting crafts that others have made.

while shopping, some interesting stuff caught my attention and that was an organizer.
The moment I saw it, I could imagine how useful it was and how easy it would be to sew it on my own.
It was on my craft list since then!! Crazy... I know, but I am obsessed with creating things on my own...
The very next weekend, I ran to market to purchase the fabric. I chose the fabric of different prints with some color combinations.
Then I googled for organizer bins tutorials and believe me, lot of creative people are out there in the world to help us!!
I observed the pattern and created my own according to dimensions required for where that bin was going to be placed.
Final Product :

LEVEL: Beginner
Time Required : An Hour

Materials needed:     15 by 11 inch bin

1.   2 pieces of    27’’ x 34 ‘’ fabric for bin.
2.   4 pieces of 4”x 8” fabric for handles.
3.   2 pieces of Cardboard 10” x 12”
4.   1 piece cardboard 15” x 11” for base.
5.   2 pieces of cardboard 8” x 11” for sides.

Draft your pattern on fabric like this.


      Add ½ inch seam for sewing.
·          Cut fabric along with mark.
·          Cut each fabric

It should come up like this.

Place the fabric on other fabric to cut same size or you can again mark fabric as in step 1 and then cut.
 Sew the edges of both fabrics separately like picture below.

Cut Handles.

Sew handles on each fabric by marking proper places from where you want to hold bin(I used    Zig-Zag stitch to finish seams).

I forgot to do it and it is hard to sew later.
Now sew first fabric by joining adjacent corners like image below.

Here is result.

Similarly sew second one.
To join them, put the right sides together and sew like instructed below.

You will get something like this.

Time to put some card board in it to make it stable.Cut 5 cardboard sheets of mentioned dimensions.Place it in bin's pockets.            

Pretty much stable huh..
Time to flip the remaining cloth out so that board will not peek out of bin.(Turn edges of inner fabric outwards as shown above.)


Add your imaginations and make it more useful( adding pockets, different handles etc ).
Ready to organize your stuff ..   :) :) 
 Hope you liked it. Ask me questions if any.
Share pics if you try it.­­­­


  1. creative project...n so colorful..very nice choice of fabric i must say :)

  2. OMG..kya explain kia hai...bht sahi...excellent...wonderful..awesome !

  3. quite impressive isha,,,,,mein ise use karunga paka