Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Earrings affair

Last evening , while travelling I was thinking about the stuff I could make in less than an hour.So I came up with an idea .. why not make a pair of earrings ?
I looked for felt earrings on etsy and hooked by a very easy to make pair. This pair was for  $34.99
Idea was copied, little thoughts were put into it and here is the result.

What you need :

Felt pieces 
A pair of earring hooks
Pieces of Gold color chain
Glitter embellishments

How to Make:

Cut felt into leaf shape (3 pieces for each earring). 3 pieces should vary in size .Lowest one should be largest piece and top piece should be smallest. Stack pieces together in a way that top one is smallest piece.
Cut two equal size gold chain pieces and add embellishment on ends of chain.(optional).
In earrings hooks, insert the chain end.
Mark a point on top of felt where earring hanging is to be inserted. Pierce the 3 pieces with a needle or punch and insert the chain part in the hole.
Similarly make another one  to complete the pair. 
You can modify shapes and sizes according to your thoughts.

Now you are ready to flaunt these super light and pretty earrings. :) Oh yes.. I hardly takes half n hour to create a pair if you have materials ready with you.

Let me know if you try one. I would love the pictures of your craft.

 Happy crafting. 

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