Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Reversible Apron

Basic Apron

This weekend I was busy sewing covers and apron. I am sharing the instructions for Basic reversible Apron.

Final Product :

Skills required: beginner
Time required: 30 - 40 mins

Fabric Required:
·         Two 32” L and 23” W coordinating fabrics.
·         One 10” * 10” pocket fabric.
·         For neck string, 21” L and 3” W strip.
·         For Waist String, 40” L and 3” W strip.

·         Two wide bands of 30” L and 5” W (optional).


Fold fabric in half (Lengthwise).Cut along the Red mark.

Time to sew neck and waist straps:
For neck string, cut 21” L and 3” W strip.
For Waist String, cut 40” L and 3” W strip.

Sew both straps as demonstrated below:

  • ·         Fold fabric from both sides to mid.
  • ·         ­Fold Again from mid.
  • ·         Sew along open edge.

Result is:

Attach pocket on front fabric and sew using simple stitch or zig zag stitch.

To create ruffles, sew two wide bands together with right side of fabric on top (wrong sides facing each other.)
Pull one thread/string from one side slowly and fabric will start gathering like frill.
(Note: Make sure you use wide stitch for sewing band. This way pulling thread would be much easier.)

With right sides facing each other, and ruffles inside it, sew them together

Time to attach neck straps and waist ties - sew it on one part of fabric.

Now, sew by placing both apron fabrics’ right sides facing each other, leaving it 1" - 2" open from any side.

Pull the right side of fabric out.
Sew remaining part to close it.

Here's self made Reversible apron. (Pictures are a bit blur... Husband was asleep, so I clicked them myself.

                           Hope you liked it.
Will be back soon with more stuff.  :)


  1. lovely!! lov the colors, fabric n its frills :D thnks for the apron..everone liked it so much