Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Baby Block toy

what does a mom makes while watching TV?

A baby block.. - Yes, a play block for baby to explore .
I crocheted 6 sides of block using single crochet and then used felt and fabric and other materials from my craft box.
Its like some unused beads and trims and laces were telling me to use them up . Here comes the result.
I looked for ideas on internet and here's what I created with a mixture of ideas and little thoughts.

Side 1- Nature.. - Leaf and grass to hide the carrot and sheep. Lets see if baby can find them interesting.
Side 2 - A monster.. which actually gives a tribal look because of the other side's ribbons and beads hanging on a side. Blame my rough stuffing into the block.Sides are falling off on other. But I find it OK. I am satisfied with what it looks like.

Side 3. Weather - Rainbow, Cloud and sun. Sun can hide behind the cloud and can also be pulled out of the cloud.
littlethoughtful littlethoughtful

side 4. Various touch and feel things like thread ,beads , ribbon, flowers, wooden beads.


Side 5. A sort of Caterpillar.. I was trying to make a cute one though. This is what I ended up with.


Side 6. Elephant with elastic trunk. Sometimes I become so excited with the things .I pulled it so hard that elastic came out of stitching. I'll have to fix that again.Thank God , baby did not see her momy playing around with her toys.


One side with wooden beads , button and ribbon.

Gosh, Lot of stuff in one block. I hope my baby will love it.But I am sure, It can't keep her busy as she has started crawling and now she does not want to sit steady any more. I am still finding a place to hide onions and potatoes rack in kitchen.