Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Leg Warmers - With Love

Winters, winters... I love winters but my little one may not.. Her cheeks go pink .. tiny fingers go cool and little feet do not want to wear socks all the time.
I keep thinking of anything and everything that can keep her cozy and warm.
So I crocheted 2 pairs of leg warmers for baby.
One of them was shell design all along ( I don't have a picture ) and other one super simple and cute pattern from earning-my-cape .
One very big mistake I did was that one of them is HDC all over (except ribbing) and other one is SC all over. Both of them were not made together.. and I forgot to refer to first one while crocheting the second one.. Yeah I know still it is a huge mistake..bad memory.
I did not want to remake all again so I came up with an idea of making two pairs.So now baby gets 3 pairs. I am super lazy to remake things , I just cover up mistakes. :p
Story does not end here, I had a beautiful and pink soft yarn left over and I wanted to make something cool out of it.
So I crocheted hearts and hand sew them on warmers.That is not why these leg warmers are with love, its because I made them with love. Bad joke..I know..

so here is the picture of what I crocheted.. Mind it, both have different patterns as I told.. Yeah I know.. I am covering that up.. another half pair is in process.

More fun stuff in the progress.. till then happy crocheting.. :) :)

UPDATE : Tried it on DD.. here is how they look...
Pretty!!..aren't these??

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