Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY Gift box / Organizer

Gift Box / Organizer

Hey Friends,
Festival season has started and we are ready to distribute gifts and decorate our homes, right?

So, here is an idea to reuse your old boxes and containers. These can be reused as gift box or organizers themselves.

Required: Gift wrap or Fabric, A pair of scissors, Glue stick or Craft glue.

Steps :
  • Measure box dimensions (Here I’ve used an empty Surf Excel box for demonstration).
  • Cut Paper.
  • Apply glue to paper and paste it on box carefully.


Use as an organizer to declutter your stuff or you may use same as a cute gift box.
Here, I’ve used a shoe box (rectangular one) as an organizer, chips can as an organizer (used fabric to wrap this one), and Surf excel box as a gift box.

Hope you liked it. Will be back soon with more ideas.

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  1. such a cool diy to try this festive season..thanks 4 sharing :) btw dat li'l sheep is too cute :) :D