Friday, October 17, 2014

Tea light holder / DIY Lamp

Hello Friends,

Here is one more Diwali special DIY project.

Supplies: Empty Juice or soda cans (washed and dried), a safety pin, pliers, scissors or cutter.


  • Draw any pattern onto soda can using marker.
  • Start punching using safety pin or some other sharp pin (Soda can is very light and can be easily punched using all pin /safety pin).

I had created a leaf pattern and a dragon pattern(on husband's suggestion J ) .

Once all punching is done, paint the cans (Two or Three coats will work well).

  • Some holes will be blocked by paint, so once it dries off, punch in blocked holes again.
  • Now using scissors or cutter, cut a rectangle behind the can so that you can put tea light into it.

  • Press its corners with Pliers.
  • Your homemade tea light holder/Lamp is ready.

Hope you liked it.
Will be back with more.. :)