Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Special

 Christmas Tree-  Crochet

Hey Friends,
Here is one crochet project I made for this Christmas.
I was thinking of making one with yarn.Luckily , I found this Green colored yarn in my stock.Then I was all set to make one.

I tried to follow lot of tutorials available on internet, but I could not make one as I wanted it to be. So , I tried simple chain stitch to create leaves and It was lot easier than I thought.

Used a paper cone base for leaves to rest in place.And a white Lace to wrap onto the tree.

Added a colored pom pom onto its top.

For Decoration, I used anchor thread and crochet hook to make miniatures.

Well, as I am a beginner, and It was my first time , so don't mind the imperfections.
I used some colored beads to make it look more cute.
And there we go.

And Guess what !! I am getting addicted to crochet. I already made two more projects .
See my Amigurumi  Projects for more. :)

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