Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY B'day Card

DIY Greeting Cards

Hey Friends,

Here is one post I wanted to share about home made birthday cards and gifts.
If you remember, I already posted one for how to make gift boxes out of unused boxes.
Here is similar kind of box I made by gluing Hallmark gold print paper onto a cookie box and pasting some fabric flowers onto it.

and, here is the blue card inside box.
This card is a hanging card, folded into the box and placed with flowers (for decoration ). You May add chocolates or some other small gifts with the card, as per your liking.

Here is the card, unfolded -
For Another card,
I followed a video to make it (also added my imagination into it). It turned out really cute.

For any card , you need simple stuff like :
Colored Pens
Zig Zag Scissors
Colored papers ( Plain or Printed )
A pinch of thoughts  ;)
Lot of videos are available on internet for card making. You may simply follow them and make some fun stuff.
( Hanging card was my own thought that I come up with.)

Here is another card.

Pictures are not that good. I was impatient and clicked all of them in night  :p

Hope, You got the idea of making lot of fun cards at home for your loved ones.

Bye for now. :)

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