Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quick n Healthy – Sandwich Recipe

Hi all, here is a recipe to make your appetite go away in no time.
Usually I prepare quick meal this way when I am back from office and really hungry.

 Time required: 5-7 minutes 
Ingredients: 4 bread slices, pasta sauce/ mayonnaise, cucumber, onion, tomato,Black Olives(optional)

Put griddle on simmer heat.
Slice cucumber, onion, tomato (thin slices).

Apply some pasta sauce/mayonnaise onto one bread slice and spread slices of cucumber over it.
Place onion slices over it and then place tomato slices. Put some black olives in.
Place other bread slice over it.
Apply little oil and cook both sides.

Cut crispy sandwich and have some juice with it. 

Will be back with more recipes. :)

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