Thursday, April 10, 2014

Go Green - Fabric Bowl Covers

No more plastic wraps!!

Today we will share how to make fabric covers for bowls – Oh yes, these are reversible so you don’t get tired looking at same fabric again and again ;)

Skills : Beginner
Time : 20 Minutes 

·        Newspaper or some plain paper to draft a pattern. – We don’t want to mess up with fabrics, right??
·        Two Coordinating fabrics
·        Elastic band

Place your bowl onto newspaper like this:

  • Mark edges.
  • Fold in half.
  • Again fold in half.
  • Mark 2 inches more to your pattern.

Cut paper. It would come up like this.

Place onto fabric, mark and cut as pattern.

Repeat for another fabric.
With right sides of fabrics facing each other, sew them together with half inch seam and leaving some point to reverse the fabrics.

Pull the right side of fabric out.

Again sew leaving  ½ inch or 1 inch margin from outside (depends on the width of elastic band you use)

Push your elastic from one end  and pull out from other end.

Join elastic.
Sew open part of fabric.

Ta Da!!
Cover your bowls.

This pattern also fits on 2-3 inch bigger or smaller bowls too.

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