Thursday, April 10, 2014

Embroidery Project - By Priyanka

An Embroidered Teddy

Hey friends,

Hope you all doing great..
Today I'm going to share my first embroidery project. Actually, its second, but I never completed the first one.. So it’s my first completed embroidery project ;)
I'm a huge fan of hand embroidery since don't know when. But never attempted anything till last week. :P
Last weekend my grand MIL found a cute teddy bear traced on a sheet in her old stuff [she is a lover of embroidery n sewing btw :)]
So I made this cutie from that..

...tada :)

Skills required: Beginner

How did I make it:

First, I punched small holes along the design on the tracing paper.
Then kept it on a cotton fabric firmly and run a pencil mark along the design to trace it on to the fabric.
After that using cotton embroidery threads, I started by Back stitch to make an outline on the design.
To fill the design, I used Satin stitch, Running stitch, Long n Short stitch and a bit of Lattice work.

I may use this embroidered patch for a baby's bib (as suggested by my granny).
Where else it can be used??? Your Suggestions are most welcome. :)
Did you like my effort?? Have your say below!!

See you next time!!
Till then..Happy crafting!! :) 

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